Martina Steckholzer

(Sterzing, Italy, 1974)

Martina Steckholzer (Sterzing, Italy, 1974) lives and works in Wien. Her work is documentary, deconstructive and poetic at the same time. It is a painterly investigation of the regimes of representation. In large-format spatial paintings, she looks at the architectural structures of exhibitions and at stages for contemporary discourse. Reduced as they are, the pictorial spaces become open stages and intuitive documentary traces. In Steckholzer’s mostly figurative watercolors, pigment, paper and water react in the fleeting moment to form vulnerable surfaces. The artist at times writes fragmentary texts to accompany what she has painted and, depending on the exhibition context, adds them to the paintings. The work is part of private and institutional collections and has been on international display. Selected solo and group shows: Engländerbau, Vaduz, MMKK, Museum Moderner Kunst Klagenfurt, Museion, Bolzano, Civic Gallery, Bressanone, Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Kunst Forum Montafon, fluc Vienna, Theatre VBB Bolzano, Landestheater Salzburg (permanent), me Collector’s Room, Berlin, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Weserburg, Belvedere 21, Vienna. The artist is represented by Meyer Kainer, Vienna and Doris Ghetta, St. Ulrich.


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