Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld

(Berlin, Germany, 1979)

Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld (Berlin, Germany, 1979) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Based on the assumption that our western liberal understanding of the world is not sufficient to cope with the ever increasing global accumulation of problems, Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld continuously designs various mysterious laboratories and treatments, in which solutions, healing and meaning are attempted to be generated anew with the most diverse radically interdisciplinary methods. Schönfeld is jestingly looking for relevant updates of so called folk wisdoms. Her labs materialize through installations, performances, sculptures, instruments, photographs and collages. She includes approaches from various fields in her practice like science, religion, mythology, magic and technology. She investigates different kinds of knowledge- and truth-production which constitute, contol and reproduce the human self and the agreement called 'reality' in our world. Her works have been shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions including HKW Berlin (2021) Belo Campo Lisbon (2021) Berghain/ Boros Collection (2020), Strasbourg Biennale (2019) Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (2018), MAK Wien/ Vienna Biennale (2017), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (2017), CAN- Centre d‘Art contemporain Neuchatel (2017) Kunstverein Wolfsburg (2016), Fotomuseum Winterthur (2014) Hamburger Kunsthalle (2012) and Berlinische Galerie (2010/2011). Schönfeld was granted a travel scholarship by the DAAD to Sibieria in 2005, has been a resident at Villa Aurora Los Angeles in 2011, received the FOAM Talents Award of the Fotomuseum, Amsterdam in 2014, received a grant of Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn in 2012 and 2020 and was commissioned a public sculpture by the New Mexico State University in 2020.



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