Quartz Studio is a nonprofit contemporary project space in Turin, Italy. Funded in 2014 by Francesca Referza and her husband Paolo, Quartz is a small privately exhibition/project space working with artists to help them visualize their ideas. The project's inspiration comes from the early days of collecting, when a collection's curator saw that a precious object was made all the more so by giving access to a limited public made up of a few connoisseurs, lovers of rare things. Quartz, the word 'art' concealed within, brings to mind the 'mirabilia' of natural collections and cabinets of curiosities. 'Studio' mean an approach to work and a way of thinking about today's mechanisms for producing and consuming art. Quartz is in via Giulia di Barolo 18/D, a physical place and a neighborhood, Vanchiglia, replete with a powerful history and identity. Quartz, a window space on street level, hosts monographic shows as well as exhibitions in which a dialogue between two artists is built on a foundation of mutual accord. In 2018 Quartz Studio is supported by the Fondazione Sardi per l'Arte, a contemporary arts foundation founded and headed by Pinuccia Sardi Cagnucci. In the words of the foundation's curator, Lisa Parola, it plans to pursue a program over coming years based on cultural and artistic works, understood both in relationship to their economic and innovative contexts and as generators of emerging ideas and forms. Quartz Studio's intent is to provide art and artists space and concentration; as Fondazione Sardi has the same goal, it chose to give Quartz its support. 

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