Quartz Studio is a small privately funded exhibition/project space working with artists to help them visualize their ideas. The project's inspiration comes from the early days of collecting, when a collection's curator saw that a precious object was made all the more so by giving access to a limited public made up of a few connoisseurs, lovers of rare things. Quartz — the word "art" concealed within — brings to mind the mirabilia of natural collections and cabinets of curiosities. And when we use the word "studio," we don't mean a place where artists conceive their work or where collectors keep their collections. We mean an approach to work and a way of thinking about today's mechanisms for producing and consuming art. Quartz Studio is in Via Giulia di Barolo 18/D, Sonia Rosso's former project room, a physical place and a neighborhood — Vanchiglia — replete with a powerful history and identity. Quartz Studio, a window space on street level, will host monographic events as well as exhibitions in which a dialogue between two artists is built on a foundation of mutual accord. 

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