Quartz Studio

Quartz Studio is a contemporary art space founded in Turin in 2014.

To borrow the words of Jonathan Monk, the artist with whom we first opened the studio, Quartz Studio is a small privately-funded exhibition/project space working with artists to help them visualize their ideas. 

The name Quartz suggests a wunderkammer, a cabinet de curiosité in which early European collectors displayed rare items, such as the mineral quartz, in which the word “art” is nestled. 

The space itself is part of Quartz’s format, a room/display on the street, effectively a mono-room art space. The key features of the space with which the artists form a relationship are small proportions, cement floor, vaulted ceiling, and visibility from the outside. 

Quartz Studio gives mid-career artists, particularly those born in the 1970s, a place of artistic freedom that allows for the “solo” implementation of site-specific projects not possible in other settings. 

In 2018 Quartz Studio was supported by the Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte, a contemporary arts foundation founded and headed by Pinuccia Sardi Cagnucci. 

In 2021 Quartz Studio conceived and supported Artist on Collecting, a web series about collecting by artists. The format investigates one aspect of the mental habitat of human beings. The videos explore the perspectives on collecting of Italian and international artists in their studios.